Studying and work placements abroad

If you want to study or complete a work placement abroad you must obtain permission from your department first. Please consult your department’s or school’s internationalisation coordinator to find out which options are available to you.

This page provides you with details about grants for which you can apply, projects in which you can take part and practical information relevant to you.

International Office

The Avans International Office can provide you with practical information, advice and support. Please contact us via the Student Information Desk or using one of the following options:
+31 88 - 525 80 01
electronic signature International Office Avans University of Applied Sciences

Facebook community for students

If you're planning to go abroad, then make sure to join Avans goes abroad. This Facebook community will help you to get to know other Avans students who are going abroad, are abroad right now or who've just returned. In other words: it's the ultimate place for sharing stories, pics and information so don't forget to join up!


Erasmus+ grant
VSBfonds grant
Other grant options

Partner institutions

Overview of partner institutions abroad


Studies and work placements in South Africa 

Practical information

Work placement contracts
Public transport compensation abroad
Value of your grades abroad
Visas and permits for studying and training abroad
Retaining your permit for studying in the Netherlands

If you would like to receive practical information during a dedicated session, then read more about the information sessions.

Last updated on 21 September 2019.