Studying with a disability

National research has shown that students with one or more functional impairments experience many difficulties in pursuing their studies. This causes them to fall behind with their studies and places them at a higher risk of dropping out during the study programme.

Avans University of Applied Sciences is committed to promoting equal opportunities for students with a functional impairment and therefore offers tailor-made arrangements. Avans hopes that these arrangements will enable each individual student to make the most of his or her talents. We focus on your abilities and not your disabilities.

Want to find out more or make an appointment?

Interested in finding out more about studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences with a functional impairment, or want to make an appointment with one of the student counsellors? If so, contact the Student Information Desk.

General (national) information and leaflets about studying with a functional impairment can be found on the website of handicap-studie, the Netherlands expertise centre for studying with a disability.

Last updated on 3 June 2014.