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Objections, appeals and complaints procedures

26 August 2021

You may find yourself in a situation where you disagree with a particular decision or official ruling. Or you may feel that you have not been treated correctly in a particular situation. In that case, you can make an objection, file a complaint or lodge an appeal. The information in the table below explains how this works, depending on your situation.

Your situation Regulations and official bodies

1. If you disagree with a decision made by or on behalf of the Executive Board. For example, decisions on:

  • financial support from the Profileringsfonds (the Avans Fund for financial support of students) or the hardship fund
  • conduct and disciplinary measures
  • registration or deregistration
  • selection for limited enrolment programmes
  • admission to a study programme
  • tuition fees

You can also make an objection if the relevant body has refused to issue a decision.

In accordance with the Objection Procedure Regulations, you can initiate an objection procedure with the Disputes Advisory Committee.

 More information about this procedure can be found at the Disputes Advisory Committee.

2. If you disagree with a decision made by the examination board or an examiner.


Contact details:

Avans Hogeschool
Examination Appeals Board
Attn: the official secretary
PO Box 90.116
4800 RA  Breda

You can initiate an appeal procedure with the Examination Appeals Board (COBEX) in accordance with the Regulations of the Examination Appeals Board.
More information on the
Examination Appeals Board.

3. You can contest a ruling by the Examination Appeals Board and/or the Disputes Advisory Committee by submitting an objection to the Appeals Tribunal for Higher Education in the Hague.

Appeals Tribunal for Higher Education, an independent, external body.

 More information on the Appeals Tribunal for Higher Education.

4. If you feel dissatisfied with the way you have been treated by a lecturer or staff member, or with the quality of the facilities offered at an Avans location. You can also file a complaint if you are unhappy with the course of events in your school or study programme.

A complaint must relate to specific behaviour, not to a general procedure.

 Separate regulations apply in cases of undesirable behaviour; see below.

In accordance with the General Complaints Procedure, you can submit a complaint to the Central Complaints Office.

 The Students’ Charter sets out the mutual rights and obligations of students and staff and how they are expected to behave towards one another at the University of Applied Sciences. 

View information on the General Complaints Procedure for students.

5. If you encounter undesirable behaviour such as sexual harassment and/or discrimination.

 If you would like to receive help to file a complaint, you can contact one of the confidential counsellors at Avans.


Contact details

attn. Avans University of Applied Sciences Complaints Committee

PO Box 228
9200 AE Drachten The Netherlands

In accordance with the Undesirable Behaviour Complaints Procedure, you can submit a complaint to GIMD. GIMD is an external, independent institution specialised in the field of staff welfare.

View information on Avans confidential cousellors.


Last updated on 2 September 2021.
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