Student counsellors

If you encounter problems during your studies that could have a negative impact on your study progress, you can contact the student counsellor. He or she will work with you to ensure that these problems, regardless of whether they are related to your studies, impact as little as possible on your study progress.

A student counsellor has a different role to that of the counsellor at your secondary school, who mainly helped you in choosing your continuation course. The student counsellors at Avans University of Applied Sciences are there to make sure that you are able to complete your studies successfully and with as few delays as possible. They can assist you and provide you with support in a wide range of matters, however it often takes time to make certain arrangements. It is therefore important that you contact a counsellor in good time if you suspect that your study progress is at risk for any reason. This is sometimes even a precondition for you to be able to access certain facilities later in your studies, such as financial support.

The student counsellors have an independent role within Avans. They are not required to report to the school, which enables them to genuinely look after your interests. What’s more, all of your discussions with the student counsellor are confidential.

Despite the fact that they are independent, each student counsellor serves one or more permanent schools. The advantage for you is that they are aware of the procedures and developments within your school.

When should you consult the student counsellor?

You should always make an appointment with your student counsellor in the following cases:

So if you have a problem, something is getting you down, you want to get something off your chest or you need information, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the student counsellor for your school.


These leaflets contain practical information about common subjects. Please make an appointment with a student counsellor if you would like more details or have a question not addressed in these leaflets.

Making an appointment

If you want to make an appointment, please contact the Student Information Desk. You can drop by the desk on your campus, or phone them on +31 88 - 525 75 50.


Last updated on 3 September 2021.

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Heb je persoonlijke problemen of loop je tegen andere zaken aan die je studie belemmeren zoals een chronische ziekte, een functiebeperking, stress of dyslexie? Maak dan een afspraak via de Studenten Informatie Balie, 088 - 525 75 50. Andere vragen mag je mailen.

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