Coping with loss and bereavement

If you lose a loved one it is good for you to also have someone at the university you can talk to. For professional counselling you can contact the student counsellor or the bereavement coordinator.

Who is it for?

For full-time, dual track and part-time students enrolled at Avans University of Applied Sciences who are dealing with the loss or imminent loss of a loved one.


For people who do not wake up with this problem every morning it is difficult to understand that:

  • a single moment changes or can change the world forever
  • forgetting offers no comfort, but is rather a denial of grief
  • dealing with loss seems to be an individual process, while a group can offer a great deal of support.


Avans University of Applied Sciences offers students the opportunity to find a way to cope with the situation that has arisen with professional counselling both individually and in a group.

What happens within the bereavement group?

You talk about:

  • loss, mourning and studying – how do these go together?
  • sharing your grief with your immediate environment – is this possible?
  • ways of dealing with your grief – which is the best way for you?
  • your unique process for coping with bereavement, where nothing is strange.

Where and when

Depending on the number of students in need of counselling, the process will start with a group of people in similar situations. Groups are organised at all Avans University of Applied Sciences sites (Breda, ’s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg). It is also possible to arrange an individual counselling session with the bereavement coordinator.

Useful information

If you want to find out more or obtain advice, contact one of the Avans University of Applied Sciences student counsellors or the bereavement counsellor, Corina van Steenhoven (076-5250472). Contact details can be obtained from the Avans University of Applied Sciences Student Information Desk:088 - 525 75 50.

Additional information about coping with bereavement and studies

After a major loss or imminent loss, naturally it is a difficult challenge to cope with both your grieving process and your studies. Practice has shown that the two things can go hand in hand

Last updated on 9 September 2014.

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