Confidential counsellors

Sometimes you want to discuss things that are confidential. For instance if you encounter undesirable behaviour or if you have personal problems. Depending on your problem, you can contact the confidential counsellor or the student counsellor.

Who is it for?

For full-time, part-time and work-study track students enrolled at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

What types of counsellors are available at Avans University of Applied Sciences?

Depending on the situation, you can contact:

1. the confidential counsellor in the event of undesired behaviour and/or intimidation.
2. the student counsellor in the event of special personal circumstances in general.

What is classed as ‘undesired behaviour’?

If you encounter undesirable behaviour on the part of a fellow student, a lecturer or other staff at Avans University of Applied Sciences. This undesirable behaviour can be: physical contact, discriminatory comments, unnecessary or vulgar comments or even aggression and sexual intimidation, but also if you encounter undesirable behaviour during a work placement or graduation project. Contact the confidential counsellor via the details listed below.

When should you consult the student counsellor?

  • In situations such as the following:
  • Interruption of studies
  • Study delay, including due to reasons beyond your control and/or special circumstances
  • Problems with your choice of study programme
  • Financial problems
  • Problems in your personal life
  • Functional impairment or chronic disease
  • Questions about financial aid for studying
  • Complaints, grievances and appeals procedures.

Making an appointment

If you want to make an appointment, please complete the electronic form. You can also contact the Student Information Desk on your campus, or phone them on +31 88 - 525 75 50.


In both situations your privacy is guaranteed and conversations are strictly confidential.

Last updated on 4 October 2019.

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Stel je vraag aan het studentendecanaat

Heb je persoonlijke problemen of loop je tegen andere zaken aan die je studie belemmeren zoals een chronische ziekte, een functiebeperking, stress of dyslexie? Maak dan een afspraak via de Studenten Informatie Balie, 088 - 525 75 50. Andere vragen mag je mailen.

Mail het studentendecanaat