Financial support in special circumstances

As a full-time or work-study track student at Avans, you may fall behind with your studies due to special circumstances. You might fall seriously ill, for example, or pursue administrative activities.

In cases such as these, you can, under certain conditions, appeal to Student Financial Support. These conditions are detailed in the Fund for Financial Support of Students Profileringsfonds Scheme, which you can download from the bottom of this page. This document also contains an application form.

Please remember that if you want to apply, you must first schedule an appointment with the student counsellor.

Financial support via DUO

You might also qualify for financial support from the Dutch Education Executive Agency DUO if long-term illness or a disability prevent you from graduating within the regular 4-year period. To this type of support, conditions also apply. A student counsellor can give you more information about this.

Fund for Financial Support of Students Profileringsfonds Scheme

Publication date
06 May 2019

Application form for Profileringsfonds Scheme financial support

Publication date
04 Dec 2019
Last updated on 4 December 2019.

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Heb je persoonlijke problemen of loop je tegen andere zaken aan die je studie belemmeren zoals een chronische ziekte, een functiebeperking, stress of dyslexie? Maak dan een afspraak via de Studenten Informatie Balie, 088 - 525 75 50. Andere vragen mag je mailen.

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