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Help an international student find a room and make 100 euros

20 July 2022

In just a few weeks, many international students will begin their studies at Avans University of Applied Sciences. A large number of these students will not yet have accommodations at that time. Can you help? If you have a tip that helps an international student rent a room for at least six months, then you could earn 100 euros*.

Rooms are needed in the Avans cities of Breda, ’s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg. Do you have a tip? Please email our International Office at This appeal is sent out to all Avans University of Applied Sciences students and staff.

Housing shortage

Every year, Avans is faced with the considerable challenge of finding accommodation for our international students. Last year we called on Avans employees to provide rooms for students in their own homes
When international students fail to find a room on time, they may be forced to prematurely end their studies. Obviously, we want to avoid this happening. Students are responsible for finding their own accommodations, but Avans offers help where possible. This initiative to reward tips that lead to a solution is one way.

Good name abroad

Avans works closely with partner universities abroad, so our students can spend part of their studies in another country. This means we also welcome international students looking to experience student life in the Netherlands. Because foreign universities also view us as the top large university of applied sciences in the Netherlands, we will again be welcoming more international students in the upcoming academic year compared to last year. Of course this is great news for us. We hope this appeal will help find accommodations for many of our international students.

Do you have a tip? Or any questions?

If you have a tip, or questions about this notification, please email the International Office at and ask about the specific conditions.


*Conditions for payment of 100 euros for housing tip:

  • Avans has pledged to pay 100 euros to anyone providing a tip that leads to accommodation for an international first-year student at Avans, payable after the student has lived at the address for six months.

  • If several people pass on the same tip, we will only pay the first person to provide the tip and only if the tip leads to a match. 

  • Avans employees will receive this payment as an addition to their gross salary.

  • You can only receive this 100 euro payment once.

  • If the tip concerns the offer of a room in your own home, you will not be eligible for the 100 euros. The payment only applies to accommodation at an address other than your own.   

Last updated on 22 July 2022.
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