HBO Monitor: Avans graduates do well on the job market

13 April 2022

Overall, most Avans alumni manage to find a job shortly after graduating. They are also satisfied with their education at Avans, indicating that they would choose the same degree programme again. Whereas the class of 2020 still encountered some difficulties in finding suitable employment as a result of the pandemic, last year’s cohort is faring slightly better in the job market. These are some of the findings of the HBO Monitor, which was published this week.

Teachers key to success

The HBO Monitor is an annual survey that provides insight into the employment status of recent higher professional education graduates. This year’s survey comprised students who entered the job market just before the pandemic as well as those who graduated after March 2020. The results are similar to those of previous editions, with Avans generally scoring above the national average. 

When asked how content they were with their degree programme, 78% of Avans alumni indicated they were satisfied. Nationally, the average score is 68%. Time and again, the HBO Monitor shows that Avans’ teachers are key to our success: 77% of the respondents were satisfied with their teachers, compared to a national average of 69%. This is not only true for Avans programmes in general, but also for our relatively new associate degree programmes.

Smooth transition 

Alumni also clearly feel that their degree programme successfully prepared them for the job market, and 80% would enrol in the same programme again (compared to a national average of 73%). After receiving their diploma, 91% of Avans alumni managed to find a job within three months. Moreover, 79% feel that their job fits their level of education. 
Unemployment among Avans graduates has halved since last year: from 4% down to 2%. This is consistent with the national decline in graduate unemployment.

About the HBO Monitor

The HBO Monitor is an annual survey among recent graduates of universities of applied sciences, carried out by the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA). More than 23,000 of the alumni who were invited to complete the survey this year did so, including 1,763 former Avans students. On average, respondents completed the survey 18 months after graduation. Participation among Avans alumni did decline this year, and it was lower than the national average (32% versus 37%).

Last updated on 13 April 2022.
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