Vaccination Without Appointment

10 September 2021 by @avans

Everyone seems to have adjusted to the new situation in which we can follow lectures on location, without the 1.5-metre social distancing. We can walk around the university again, go to classes in person, and meet up. To continue to do this in a safe manner, we want to motivate all students and staff members to get their vaccine if they have not already done so. The coronavirus is still here, and we would like to keep the Avans locations open. Getting a vaccination has never been so easy. You can get your vaccine without an appointment. 

Please note! The Netherlands is divided into different GGD regions. This is why the approach may differ between Breda and Den Bosch. Please refer to the vaccination options below as well.

Get Your Vaccine in Breda at the Vaccination Bus at the Hogeschoollaan Location

On Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 September from 9:00 to 17:00, a vaccination bus will be on site at the Hogeschoollaan location in Breda with GGD staff who are happy to provide you with information. The vaccinations will be administered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you already have an appointment for a vaccination at a different location, then you cannot come to the GGD bus for a vaccine. 

If you would like a vaccine before then, you can attend the campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) on Monday 13 or Tuesday 14 September between 9:00 and 17:00.

In principle, the single-injection Janssen vaccine (Johnson&Johnson) will be used in Breda. It is also possible to receive the Pfizer vaccine, but in that case, you must make an additional appointment to receive the second injection.

Get Your Vaccine in Den Bosch near the Onderwijsboulevard

More information about getting vaccinated in Den Bosch will follow next week. GGD Hart voor Brabant is busy organising a new location near the Onderwijsboulevard. It looks like vaccinations without appointment will be possible in the week of 22 September. 

Please visit one of the vaccination locations. Bring your ID (Dutch passport or EU/EEA passport/driving licence/ID card). Receiving your vaccine will take about 30 minutes.

Other Vaccination Locations (Tilburg, etc.)

As a student, you can also get vaccinated at the regular locations in the city. To do so, you make an appointment on, or by calling the GGD. You can also consult
International students can receive their vaccination even before they have their BSN. 

Staying Coronavirus-Free with Face Mask and Self-Testing

Protect yourself and those around you, and ensure that education on location can continue. Wear a face mask when moving through the Avans buildings. Take a self-test twice a week before coming to school. Order self-tests free of charge on until 1 November. Have you not taken a self-test yet? Please take one in the self-test area at Avans.  

Last updated on 10 September 2021.
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