Do you want priority and discount for a studio in Tilburg? Register before 1 July

7 June 2021

In just three months, 200 temporary student housing units will be realised next to Avans’ Cobbenhagenlaan location in Tilburg. This new student complex will be called ‘The Garden, CobbenCampus’ and will be ready for students to move in at the start of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Are you looking for a studio in Tilburg and do you study at Avans? Or are you planning on studying at Avans in September? Then this is especially interesting for you, because half of the new housing units will be reserved for Avans students until 1 July 2021. If you register before then, you will have priority status when the units are allocated.

Discount on rental price

Are you younger than 23 years old? Then you are also eligible for a discount on studio type A, which will bring the monthly basic rent back to €394.00, excluding service costs (housing allowance possible). 
A calculation of the monthly costs is:

Rental price* studio type A (incl. discount): € 394
+ Service costs: € 48
+ Electricity + water: € 75
+ Furniture: € 70
All-in rental price: 587
-/- housing allowance** € 203
Actual rental price: 384

* Annual rent increase in accordance with statutory rent indexation.
** This housing allowance is calculated for a student who is younger than 23 and earns less than € 17,000 per year.


Affordable, but luxurious

The 200 studios are luxurious but affordable. The monthly rent for Avans students is €394 excluding service costs. You will get:

  • private, furnished studios (type A), including boxspring bed with topper, wardrobe, television (4K ultra HD 43 inch) and private wireless and wired internet.
  • equipped with airconditioning
  • fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator, combi oven, induction cooker, dinner table en chairs.
  • common garden

See for additional information and to register.


Last updated on 10 June 2021.

Avans is closely monitoring developments

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