Make your voice heard in the 2021 Dutch National Student Survey. Especially this year!

25 February 2021 by @avans

What do you think of your study programme and Avans University of Applied Sciences? Until 14 March, the Dutch National Student Survey (NSS) is giving you the chance to have your say. The survey is conducted every year among all students in higher education by independent higher education website Studiekeuze123.

With the NSS, 10 minutes is all it takes to share what you think about your experience as an Avans student: what is going well and what can be improved? In November, we asked you how you were getting on and what Avans can do to ensure that you continue to study effectively in these troubled times. The NSS zooms in on the quality of education currently being provided. For example, the survey features an extra section on distance learning. At Avans, we use your input to improve our programmes on a continuous basis.


Many students have already responded to the NSS, but to obtain a full and accurate picture we need everyone’s opinion. So if you haven’t taken part yet, please let us know what you think by responding to the National Student Survey.

Last updated on 25 February 2021.

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