Avans to remove abandoned and end-of-life bikes

26 June 2019 by @avans

Abandoned bikes and end-of-life bikes parked in or around the Avans bicycle parking facilities will be tagged in the near future. This tag will indicate that Avans will remove this bike during the summer holidays. 

Please remove your bike before the date on the tag if you wish to continue to use it. After this date, we will remove both your bike and any separate locks and bike parts. Clearing out our bicycle parking facilities will allow us to make full use of them again in the new academic year.

The tag states the date on which an abandoned or end-of-life bike will be removed. 

Remove your bike in time

Make sure you do not leave your bike at an Avans campus during the summer break, especially the campuses closed during the 3 quiet weeks in summer.
If you have any questions or would like more info then please contact the facilities staff at your campus.

Last updated on 26 June 2019.