Start of Hogeschoollaan smoke-free pilot

15 April 2019 by Avans rookvrij

As of today, Monday 15 April, the Avans location Hogeschoollaan in Breda will be completely smoke-free. Avans wants to provide a healthy working and learning environment for employees and students and as a result contribute to a more sustainable society.

To mark this transition to a smoke-free outdoor area, we have organised a launch event together with the Amphia Hospital next door. The Amphia site will also be completely smoke-free for all its patients, visitors and employees from 15 April.

Together with Breda alderman Miriam Haagh, we are today giving the symbolic starting signal for our smoke-free sites. We will start at noon in the Amphia forecourt, Molengracht 21. Avans employees and students are warmly invited to attend this event.


The Hogeschoollaan location was chosen as the pilot location. Other Avans campuses might also become smoke-free zones if this project is successful. A smoke-free Avans is a joint initiative of the deans of the schools based at the Hogeschoollaan location. Students running Green Office have been pushing for a smoke-free environment for a long time. A site – outdoors and indoors – without nuisance from smoking and with no cigarette butts on the ground is what we are aiming for. We hope we can encourage smokers to cut down or give up smoking altogether by providing them with the support they need.

Join in and help

Feel free to join in and help create a healthy and sustainable Avans environment.

  • Talk to people you see smoking in the wrong place and point out to them the alternative smoking locations off-site. Perhaps this script can help you with this.
  • If you are a smoker, we kindly request that you keep the site smoke-free from now on. Please see our frequently asked questions, where you will find answers to questions like “Where can I go if I want to smoke?” or “What help does Avans offer smokers?”
  • If you have any questions or tips relating to keeping the site smoke free, please send an email to Together we aim to make a smoke-free Avans a success.
Last updated on 15 April 2019.