Avans ranked top large university of applied sciences for fifth consecutive time

4 October 2018

Students have ranked Avans University of Applied Sciences the number 1 large university of applied sciences in the Netherlands for the fifth consecutive time. This was announced by the Keuzegids Hbo 2019 guide published today. “Even as a large-scale educational institution, Avans knows how to reap the benefits of a small-scale learning model”, Keuzegids states. The rankings reveal you are particularly satisfied with the atmosphere at Avans and the commitment of its lecturers.

Small scale, big achievement

According to the Keuzegids we have our small-scale teaching contexts to thank for this accolade: “Although Avans has more than 30,000 students, they very rarely feel anonymous. The school comprises more than twenty schools, all enjoying a large degree of autonomy. This enables Avans to reap the benefits of a small-scale teaching model while operating at a large scale.”

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Time for a treat!

We are excited to celebrate our number 1 position with you. You can look forward to a little sweet treat this afternoon.

Make a donation to let others shine too

Avans has been ranked in the top 3 for the tenth time. We want to celebrate this remarkable achievement by letting others share in our success. That's why Avans will be donating €5,000 to the Watoto Foundation and help street children in Tanzania become stars in their own right.

Andrea Modest is one of the street children who received support from this foundation. Thanks to Watoto, he was able to go to school and is now set to graduate from university:

You too can help children like Andrea. Visit the special donation page, enter an amount and make your donation to this wonderful charity. Visit for details about their work.

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Last updated on 4 October 2018.