Plan for smoke-free Avans discussed with Avans Joint Consultative Council

29 November 2018

The Project Manager for a smoke-free Avans outlined the plan to make Avans University of Applied Sciences smoke-free, at the request of the Avans Joint Consultative Council AJCC. He did so this week at an AJCC meeting. Executive Board Member Jacomine Ravensbergen was also present to explain the decision in principle made earlier by the Board.

In July 2018, the Executive Board made the decision in principle to make sure all Avans campuses become smoke-free environments in the near future. Avans wants to offer its students and staff a healthy study and work environment. It also aims to contribute to a sustainable society.

The boards of schools based at Hogeschoollaan had already presented a manifesto to the Executive Board before the summer, advocating a smoke-free Avans. The Personnel & Organisational Management Unit have been given the task by the Executive Board to draw up a plan for this. The Board will make a decision on this at the end of the year, after which it will be submitted for vote to the Avans Joint Consultative Council in January.

Input from Avans students and staff

For Avans, the goal of this approach is to inform and involve all groups concerned in a personal and clear way. We want to encourage students and staff to share their thoughts and ideas about ‘Avans smoke-free’ and to come up with initiatives that help create a smoke-free environment. Avans professor John Dierx is also involved in the plans.

The ‘Avans rookvrij’ initiative is part of a wider vitality plan aimed at creating a healthy university with fit and energetic students and staff. The focus of this plan is on tempting people to make healthy choices and facilitating these instead of banning and enforcing. Avans is keen to support staff members and students who want to give up smoking using effective lifestyle interventions, as recorded in the interventions database set up by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

Pilot project at Hogeschoollaan

Avans aims to run a pilot project at Hogeschoollaan next spring. This involves making the campus building and grounds entirely smoke-free. For this project, Avans is partnering up with the nearby Amphia hospital and Nassau secondary school. Both organisations also seek to become smoke-free in the spring of 2019.

The project’s evaluation points will also inform our approach for the other Avans campuses in Breda, 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg and Roosendaal. The goal is to have all Avans campuses smoke-free by 2020.


Last updated on 29 November 2018.