Updates to fix security flaws

11 January 2018 by DIF ICT and Facilities

2 major security flaws were recently discovered that have a dramatic impact on the security of nearly all computers around the world. Avans will update its systems with the required security fixes as quickly as possible. A large number of Avans computers and laptops have already received these updates.

The flaws are known as Meltdown and Spectre. Both can be located in the processor's hardware. Malicious parties can use Meltdown and Spectre to access passwords and other types of sensitive information. Details about these security flaws and possible consequences are available in this article from The Guardian.

Update as quickly as possible
Avans's IT experts are making every effort to make sure all devices are updated as quickly as possible. They also continue to monitor developments closely.

All Avans staff and students are also advised to update the operating systems and software on their personal devices.

Last updated on 11 January 2018.