Another high rating for Avans from our students

19 May 2017

Students at Avans once again rated their study programme very highly in the Dutch National Student Survey (NSS). On average, you gave your study programme a rating of 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. This is much higher than the national score for Higher Professional Education at 3.88, and is also the highest score of all larger universities of applied sciences. The national survey is seen as an important performance indicator for universities of applied sciences. We would like to thank all those who took part in this annual survey. The results we receive will help us to make improvements to our education and teaching on an ongoing basis.

You rated the atmosphere on your study programme particularly highly, giving it a score of 4.2. Almost all other areas scored above the national average, including the attention lecturers give to students, how you learn to develop a critical attitude and how you work together with others.

Good score for work placement companies

The NSS also demonstrates the important role played by companies and organisations in the region. Work placements are a crucial part of a study programme in Higher Professional Education. You gave a rating of 4.1 for the things you learn during your work placement. The companies that take on work placement students from Avans have every right to be proud, receiving a score of 3.9 for the support they give to work placement students.

Engaging teaching

The NSS featured a new category this year: ‘engaging teaching’. This mainly focuses on the extent to which a study programme helps you reach your full potential. Avans is eager to ensure that there is scope for individual students to develop. We achieved an above-average score in this category as well. Paul Rüpp, Chairman of the Executive Board at Avans, said: “Avans has made it very clear in its ambitions that it wants to make a difference. It is very positive to see such a high score in the ‘engaging teaching’ category. This means that our staff are already making a difference in terms of their teaching. Well done!”

High demands

Avans wants to score higher than 3.5 in every category. Most categories have already achieved this score, but there are some stragglers. We are working hard on these areas. Preparations for work placements have already improved compared with previous years, but could be even better. Making sure that timetables are available on time is also an important point.

There also needs to be more focus on internationalisation. This year's NSS survey was the first to ask students about this topic. Avans thinks it is important that study programmes include the international context of the profession in the curriculum and that every student speaks a foreign language at B2 level by the end of the study programme. Despite this, the NSS scores for internationalisation are disappointing, so there's still a lot to be done.

Results for each study programme

This fact sheet provides a summary of the results achieved by Avans University of Applied Sciences. Visit for information on all results from the NSS. This information is only available in Dutch.

Avans will now process the results, so that we can also give you the results for each study programme by the end of May.

Number 1?

It remains to be seen whether Avans will keep its number-1 position among larger universities of applied sciences. At the end of September, both the independent higher education guide Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs and Elsevier magazine will announce the most highly rated study programmes in the Netherlands, according to their research. The research is based mainly on the NSS.

Last updated on 19 May 2017.