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Work as a 'promo' student

Please complete the online registration form to apply for the role of 'promo' student. You can also state on this form what kind of work you are available for. This might include helping out at events like Open days or events focused specifically on your study programme. You can also opt to join information activities held at secondary schools.

Please print and sign this statement before sending a scan to

Check if you need a work permit

If you are a non-Dutch national, please check whether you need to obtain a work permit. You must to this before submitting the registration form. Information on this is available from the Working while studying page. 

Getting jobs

You will receive an email when there is an event or assignment for which non-Dutch speaking 'promo' students can apply. Reply to this email if you would like the job. Work is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you are hired for a job, the person giving you the assignment will send you an email letting you know where and when you are expected.

Claiming for hours worked

You are required to submit a claim for hours worked to Avans in order to receive your pay. Avans has an electronic system in place for this. After finishing the assignment, you will receive an email containing a link to this system. Please contact the person who has given you the job if you haven’t received any email. You will receive a confirmation email and an electronic copy of your claim form upon completing the form.

Keep copies of your pay slips

Before you will receive payment, you will also receive a pay slip by post stating the number of hours worked. Please keep this slip and the claim form copy for your records. This will enable you to check whether you have been paid for all the hours you have worked.

You will not receive an annual statement. Please check your most recent payslip for an overview of the hours you have worked and the payment you have received. Should you have any questions, please contact the Avans HR desk via or 088 - 525 75 55.

Last updated on 5 June 2018.
Online counseling Student Support

If you need any support, if you have doubts about your studies or in case of questions concerning your development, please make sure to plan a meeting during the consultation hour. This can be done using the button below. We will schedule an appointment of 30 minutes for you.

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Contacting the Student Counsellors’ Office

Are you experiencing personal problems or other issues that may have an impact on your academic progress, such as a chronic illness, a functional impairment, stress or dyslexia? Call the Student Information Desk on 088-525 75 50 to make an appointment or do this online. If you have any other questions send an e-mail to

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