Enrolling for a study programme

To enrol for a study programme you must have a DigiD account.

You can sign up for an account via if you have a home address in the Netherlands and a citizen service number. You can use the DigiD account to log in at Once you have entered your personal details and completed the process, you can submit an “enrolment request” for a study programme.

Terms of enrolment

The terms of enrolment set out all rights and obligations in relation to your enrolment, but also the conditions that apply to the payment of tuition fees, interim deregistration and refund entitlements. Click here to view the Terms of enrolment.

Last updated on 12 February 2014.

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Stel je vraag aan het studentendecanaat

Heb je persoonlijke problemen of loop je tegen andere zaken aan die je studie belemmeren zoals een chronische ziekte, een functiebeperking, stress of dyslexie? Maak dan een afspraak via de Studenten Informatie Balie, 088 - 525 75 50. Andere vragen mag je mailen.

Mail het studentendecanaat