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Tuition fee loans

If you qualify for financial aid for studying from the Dutch government, in addition to your ‘normal’ loan you can also apply for another loan with DUO to help pay your tuition fees.

This loan is known as a ‘tuition fee loan’ and is part of the financial aid for studying. For this reason, it is paid out together with the rest of your financial aid for studying. You must also pay interest on the tuition fee loan. You pay the tuition fees to Avans, not to DUO.

How much can I borrow on this loan?

The amount of the tuition fee loan you can apply for depends on the type of tuition fees you are required to pay. You can find further information on the DUO website.

Note: different rules may apply to students from abroad. Be careful to always consult the DUO website.

Last updated on 31 July 2019.
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