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Pay my tuition fees

Online mandate needs your approval -> check Studielink

Before the start of the summer holidays, you will be notified via Studielink that you can approve the online mandate for payment of your tuition fees. Please access your bank’s electronic banking system to allow Avans University of Applied Sciences to collect the tuition fees from your bank account.

What do I state in the online mandate?

I am paying the tuition fees myself OR

Someone else is paying the tuition fees, such as my parents
or carers

Note: It is not possible for your employer to pay your fees directly. You must always pay them yourself. For this reason, you must state your own name and bank account number on the online mandate in Studielink. You can download a pro forma invoice to get a reimbursement from your employer afterwards. For details, please read on.
I want to pay the amount in one go OR I want to pay in 9 instalments Note: a one-off €24 administrative fee applies if you pay in 9 instalments. Avans will collect this fee together with the first instalment.

Our Tuition fee payment guide contains an overview of the collection dates and instalment amounts for the full academic year. Avans is not allowed to collect tuition fees from you until your enrolment is complete.

You will not be enrolled at Avans University of Applied Sciences until you meet all the conditions:

  • your personal details have been verified
  • your prior education details have been verified
  • you have arranged payment via the online mandate in Studielink

Coronavirus measures

For certain students, it is possible to be admitted as students for the 2022/2023 academic year – under certain conditions – because of national coronavirus measures. If you are eligible for this, then make sure to contact the study programme that you registered for.

Please note: if you are provisionally admitted, you must enter payment details for tuition fees in Studielink to complete your enrolment. Make sure you enter these details on time! If you do not issue a direct debit mandate on time, you will not be enrolled at Avans University of Applied Sciences. You will therefore not be able to follow education at Avans or make use of the university's educational support facilities.

To complete enrolment, intermediate vocational education (mbo) students who are provisionally admitted must enter the payment details in Studielink before 1 September.

We need these details for our records.  The first direct debit will be taken 1 month after you have received your mbo diploma.

Last updated on 25 May 2022.
Online counseling Student Support

If you need any support, if you have doubts about your studies or in case of questions concerning your development, please make sure to plan a meeting during the consultation hour. This can be done using the button below. We will schedule an appointment of 30 minutes for you.

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Contacting the Student Counsellors’ Office

Are you experiencing personal problems or other issues that may have an impact on your academic progress, such as a chronic illness, a functional impairment, stress or dyslexia? Call the Student Information Desk on 088-525 75 50 to make an appointment or do this online. If you have any other questions send an e-mail to

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