Take out healthcare insurance

Healthcare insurance at a discount via Avans

As a student, you are required to hold your own third-party insurance. Students at Avans University of Applied Sciences can insure themselves against medical expenses via Zilveren Kruis Achmea. In this case you will receive a significant discount.

To take out a policy you must be able to submit a group scheme number. The number for students at Avans University of Applied Sciences is: 207000892.

CAK letter requiring you to take out insurance

CAK is a Dutch governmental agency that tracks down persons living in the Netherlands who are uninsured despite the requirement to hold basic healthcare insurance. Although most students from abroad are exempt from this requirement, CAK often wrongly includes them in this category.

These students receive a letter in Dutch stating that they will be fined if they do not take out basic healthcare insurance. CAK only sends this letter to students who:

  1. do not complete a full degree in the Netherlands
  2. do not hold basic healthcare insurance
  3. are registered with the Netherlands Personal Records Database.

Always take action

If you receive this letter from CAK, make sure to always take action to prevent receiving a fine. You may be exempt from the insurance obligation if you are studying in the Netherlands and are not doing paid work or a paying work placement. Please consult the CAK FAQ on the Nuffic website for more information or read this flyer.

Apply for an assessment with the SVB

If you are exempt or if you are unsure about your status, you must contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) to submit an assessment application. If you do, the SVB checks whether you are insured under the Netherlands Long-term Care Act Wlz. The SVB will send you a letter informing you of the results. If you are insured under this Act, you still will have to take out insurance with a Dutch insurance company. The SVB website provides more information about this assessment.

Travel insurance  

If you are travelling abroad for study or work placement, please read this information.

Last updated on 26 April 2022.
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