Get public transport compensation abroad

25 May 2018

As an international student you may currently receive financial aid for studying from the Dutch government. If you do and you remain enrolled at Avans when you travel abroad as part of your studies you can, in many cases, continue to receive this aid. As part of this you are entitled to public transport compensation for every month you are abroad. This also applies if you are only eligible for a loan.

Get public transport compensation abroad

  1. Obtain permission from your department to study abroad.
  2. Access your personal page on the DUO website.
  3. Download the public transport compensation abroad form.
  4. Have the form signed off by the Student Information Desk.

Please be aware that the Student Information Desk cannot sign off the form unless you have proof that your department has given you permission to study abroad.

More information

Please visit the DUO website for details about this compensation. This information is only available in Dutch.

Last updated on 25 May 2018.