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Arrears in tuition fees

7 January 2021

I have received a payment reminder from Avans University of Applied Sciences:

I do not understand why I have received a payment reminder from Avans University of Applied Sciences:

I have other questions:

I have received a payment reminder. What is going to happen now?

Whenever you have payment arrears, you will be immediately informed of the fact in a message sent to your Studielink email address. You are asked to pay the amount owing to Avans straight away. If no payment is made, you will receive a second email asking you to pay. Your study programme will be informed of your payment arrears.

If the outstanding amount has not been received by Avans within 14 calendar days, your Avans account will be suspended from then on. You will no longer be able to take part in any educational activities and you will no longer have access to any educational facilities. You will be informed of this in a third email, which will also offer you one more opportunity to pay your arrears without incurring additional costs.

If the outstanding amount is then not received by Avans within 16 calendar days, you will be in default. In accordance with Article 7.42 paragraph 2 of the Higher Education and Research Act and our terms of enrolment, your enrolment will be terminated with effect from the second month after the date on which the third email was sent to you. The amount in tuition fees that you owe will be recalculated to take the date of your unenrolment into account. The task of obtaining payment of the outstanding amount will be put in the hands of our debt-collection partner. See the section with questions about claims being put in the hands of the bailiffs.

How can I pay off my arrears?

For the sake of your enrolment at Avans, it is important that you make good your payment arrears as quickly as possible. The only way is to transfer the amount mentioned in your emails to bank account NL24RABO0353280704 in the name of ‘Stichting Avans’. Please mention your student number in your payment specification.

Is it possible to arrange a repayment schedule?

Avans University of Applied Sciences provides the option of paying tuition fees in nine instalments. There are no other payment options. Tuition fees must be paid during the relevant academic year. It is also important to us that the final payment should be made early enough to allow for any debt-collection procedures to take place before the end of the relevant academic year. This means that, together, we can ensure that students are able to progress from one year to the next in their studies.

If paying off your arrears is a problem for you, you may be able to agree a payment reschedule with the bailiffs. However, we should point out that any involvement of the bailiffs will incur additional collection costs, VAT and interest payments. You should also be aware that you will not be able to take part in any educational activities or use any educational facilities while you are in the process of making repayments.

Are there other financial assistance options available?

If you are facing specific problems, you are advised to contact a student counsellor. If there are special circumstances, a student counsellor can help you submit a request for financial assistance under the terms of the Profileringsfonds (Avans Fund for financial support of students). Strict rules apply here, and such assistance is only available in specific cases. To make an appointment with a student counsellor, contact the Student Information Desk. The details can be found elsewhere on this page.

The government also makes tuition fee loans available to students in certain cases. For more information, see

My account has been suspended but I have now paid - when will my account be reactivated?

Our systems’ administrative processes take time. Once all your outstanding payments have been received and processed, your Avans account will be reactivated in a few working days. Until this happens, you will not be able to take part in any educational activities and you will have no access to any educational facilities.

I have been unenrolled because of payment arrears; what should I do now?

We realise that this may have come as a shock. If you have been unenrolled because of payment arrears, it is still possible to re-enrol during the current academic year. As soon as the full amount (including all additional costs) has been paid, you can submit a new enrolment request via If you do this in a short space of time, you will be able to re-enrol from the time your first period of enrolment was terminated and resume your studies. If there are any months between these periods, the school board may refuse your request for a mid-year enrolment. As long as your new enrolment has not been finalised, you will not be able to take part in any educational activities and you will not have access to any educational facilities.

I have been informed that the claim for my tuition fees has been put in the hands of the bailiffs. Can I still pay Avans?

Once the claim has been transferred to the bailiffs, you can no longer pay Avans; instead, you will have to wait for the letter from the bailiffs instructing you what to do. However, if you do pay Avans, we will inform the bailiffs that we have received a payment of the principal amount (in full or in part) from you. You will still have to pay the additional costs to the bailiffs before submitting a request to re-enrol.

If the claim is in the hands of the bailiffs, how high are the additional costs?

Whenever the outstanding amount owing is transferred to our debt-collection partner, you become liable for additional costs under the terms of the Debt Collection Costs Act. The extrajudicial debt-collection costs are calculated according to the following table:

Outstanding claim amount:

Maximum debt-collection costs

For the first €2,500

15%, with a minimum of €40

For the next €2,500


For the next €5,000


For the next €190,000


For the remainder > €200,000


In addition to the above costs, statutory interest and VAT on the collection costs are payable. You will be liable for these charges as well.

You can find more information about debt-collection costs at:

The current statutory interest rate can be found at:

Are there any other consequences?

In addition to the financial consequences described above, your enrolment (or re-enrolment) for any subsequent academic year at Avans will be refused if, at the start of the academic year in question, you have not paid in full any outstanding tuition fees owing from previous years.

I have authorised payment of my tuition fees by direct debit, so why have I received a payment reminder?

If a direct debit payment from the bank account you have given cannot be carried out, you will be deemed to be in arrears from that time, in relation to the amount involved. There may be various reasons as to why a direct debit payment cannot be collected - examples include insufficient funds in the account, a selective block on the account, or the account holder’s instruction to refuse the direct debit payment. Some banks are unable show unsuccessful direct debits on their transaction statements. You are advised to contact your bank.

If a direct debit order (whether it involves full payment of tuition fees or just an instalment) is refused, no further attempt will be made to collect the payment by that method. In such cases you will be deemed to be in arrears, which you must resolve yourself. Be aware that attempts to collect direct debit payments of subsequent instalments will continue as scheduled.

I have paid my tuition fees to Avans University of Applied Sciences myself because I do not have a bank account in the SEPA, so why have I received a payment reminder?

If you paid your tuition fees yourself to Avans University of Applied Sciences before your enrolment, you should check whether you entered all the details correctly when making the payment:

  • Did you transfer the correct amount?
  • Did you use the correct currency (EUR)?
  • Did you transfer the amount to IBAN NL24RABO0353280704?
  • Did you use BIC SWIFT code RABONL2U?
  • Did you use cost type OUR for an international transfer?
  • Did you state your student ID number correctly?

If you did all this correctly, then please make a screenshot of the transaction and send it to, and we will see if we can trace your payment.

Someone else (parents, employer, etc.) pays on my behalf, so why have I received a payment reminder?

According to our enrolment terms, students themselves are responsible for payment of their tuition fees, if even someone else has undertaken to pay them. Here, too, there may be different reasons as to why the direct debit has not been successful. You

are advised to contact the person or body who has undertaken to pay on your behalf. Remember that even if someone has stated their intention to pay, you will still be responsible for any consequences of non-payment.

I am not/no longer a student at Avans University of Applied Sciences, so why have I received a payment reminder?

You have received a payment reminder because there is an outstanding claim in relation to your past or present enrolment at Avans. There are two possible scenarios:

  • You were previously enrolled at Avans and you have applied via Studielink to be unenrolled, or you have graduated and Avans has therefore terminated your enrolment;
  • You are enrolled at Avans following a request made via and you have not requested an unenrolment. If you no longer wish to study at Avans, it is important that you submit an unenrolment request via If you do not do so, you will continue to be liable for tuition fee instalment payments every month.

In both scenarios, tuition fees are payable for the duration of your enrolment. Any outstanding amounts must be paid.

The terms of enrolment state that messages will be sent to my Avans email address, so why are you sending messages about payment arrears to my Studielink email address?

It is true that the terms of enrolment state that Avans will use Avans email addresses as the primary means of communication with its students and that any decisions taken by or on behalf of Avans will be communicated through those email addresses.

In practice, however, we have noted that many students who have problems with their enrolment or meeting their payment obligations do not read or act upon messages sent to their Avans email addresses, as a result of which many students discover only very late in the day that there are problems relating to their payments. In addition, the situation may result in their accounts being suspended, leaving them unable to access their email accounts at all.

By sending messages concerning payment arrears to Studielink email addresses, Avans hopes to better help students become aware of their payment arrears at an early stage to enable them to take appropriate action and remain enrolled.

Can I make an official objection?

If you do not agree with a decision, you may submit an official objection, no later than six weeks after the date on which the decision in question was sent, to Avans University of Applied Sciences at In addition to your reasoned notice of objection, you must also send the most recent message you have received concerning your payment arrears. When submitting your objection, you should always include your student ID number.

If I have any other questions, who can I ask?

If, after reading the information on this page, you still have any specific questions about your payment arrears, about what the consequences could be or how best to act, please call the Student Information Desk on +31 (0)88 525 75 50. You can also use this contact form to ask your question. Our colleagues will be pleased to help.

Last updated on 7 January 2021.
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