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Safeguarding my privacy

You have rights and responsibilities when it comes to how Avans handles your personal data. For example, if you agree to the use of your data you have to understand what the consequences of this are. You also have to ensure that your personal data is correct.

Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data of Students

These regulations stipulate which data of students Avans University of Applied Sciences possesses, how it should deal with them and when it may provide the data to third parties. These regulations form part of the Students’ Charter, which sets out the rights and obligations of our students.

Work placement at Avans

Before starting as a work placement trainee at Avans you are asked to sign a work placement agreement. In this agreement you share personal data such as your name, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number. If you receive a work placement salary, you also have to share your bank account number and a copy of your identity document for the staff administration and payroll administration. You also have to fill in a payroll tax statement that includes your citizen service number (BSN).

If you do not receive a work placement salary, you do not have to share this data. However, you do need to be able to identify yourself as a work placement trainee. As a work placement trainee you have the same rights and responsibilities related to personal data. These are described in Article 11 of the Privacy Regulations.

External work placement

If you are an Avans student completing a work placement period at an external organisation, the agreements are laid down in a work placement agreement. That organisation will need your personal data. You only need to give a copy of your identity document if you receive a work placement salary. An organisation may not ask you for this copy in any other situation. When providing the copy you can always cover your photograph and BSN number. However, you must always be able to identify yourself with a valid identity document.

Confidential counsellors

If you experience a violation of your privacy as a result of sexual intimidation, discrimination, aggression or abuse of power, you can contact your confidential counsellor.

Last updated on 13 June 2018.
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