How to file a notice of complaint

25 October 2019

If you want to file a notice of complaint, remember to do so in time. The Disputes Advisory Committee (DAC) must have received your notice of complaint within 6 weeks following the date of the decision.

Any notices of complaint not submitted within this time frame will be declared inadmissible by the DAC. This means no substantive ruling will be made, unless you have valid reasons for exceeding the deadline. Please note that being on holiday is not considered a valid reason. 

Pro forma notice

You might require more than 6 weeks to substantiate your notice of complaint, for example, if you want to seek advice before submitting it. In this situation, you can file a pro forma notice. A pro forma notice of complaint states that you wish to file a notice of complaint and the decision it relates to but does not yet set out the reasons on which your complaint is based. Filing a pro forma notice prevents you from exceeding the deadline. The DAC will let you know when you will need to file your full notice of complaint, i.e. including reasons, at the latest. The usual term is 14 days. 

The Student Appeals Procedure of Avans University of Applied Sciences provides full details on how to file a notice of complaint.

Please use the Format for Filing a Notice of Complaint to draft your substantiated notice of complaint. In any case, the notice of complaint must contain:

  • your name, postcode and town/city
  • your phone number and e-mail addresses, i.e. both your Avans e-mail address and your private e-mail address
  • your study programme, school and student ID number
  • your reasons for filing a notice of complaint 
  • the decision which is the subject of the complaint, including a copy of this decision
  • date and signature


  • emails or other documents important to the handling of your notice of complaint

You can use the Lodge and objection form to object a decision.
You can also email your objection to or send a hard copy to the following address:

Avans University of Applied Sciences
Disputes Advisory Committee
Attn: the official secretary 
PO Box 90116
4800 RA Breda 
The Netherlands

More information

If you are unsure whether to launch an official procedure, please contact one of the student counsellors. They can also help you with other questions about the procedure. You can schedule an appointment with a student counsellor by visiting or phoning the Student Information Desk on +31 88 - 525 75 50.

The course of the procedure

For details, please read the dedicated page on the course of a procedure before the Disputes Advisory Committee.

Last updated on 3 September 2021.
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