Study and personal problems

You may encounter certain problems during your studies. These can be study-related problems or personal problems that have a negative impact on your study progress.

If you have questions about study-related problems you can contact the student counsellors. Here are a few examples of study-related issues:

  • Study Advice with a Binding Rejection
  • help with your choice of study programme
  • transferring to a different study programme
  • temporary interruption of your studies
  • study delay
  • study planning

If you have questions about personal problems you can contact the student counsellors or confidential counsellor. Here are a few examples of personal issues:

  • depression
  • fear of failure
  • personal circumstances
  • special family circumstances
  • death of a fellow student
  • undesired behaviour

You can make an appointment with one of the student counsellors or the confidential counsellor via the Student Information Desk: phone 088 - 525 75 50



Last updated on 11 November 2020.

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Stel je vraag aan het studentendecanaat

Heb je persoonlijke problemen of loop je tegen andere zaken aan die je studie belemmeren zoals een chronische ziekte, een functiebeperking, stress of dyslexie? Maak dan een afspraak via de Studenten Informatie Balie, 088 - 525 75 50. Andere vragen mag je mailen.

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