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5 November 2018

Avans students and staff use Office365 for easy online collaboration. We opted for Outlook as our email programme because it works seamlessly with the other Office365 applications. We also want to ensure secure collaboration. Outlook is currently the only app that supports both user-friendly and secure sign-in.

Your email will be delivered to your new Office 365 email inbox. You will keep the same email address according to the existing format: You can access your email in the following ways.



way to access your email


 using the Outlook app or via webmail

pc or notebook

 using Outlook, which you can download at or via webmail

Here is how you access Outlook Webmail

Use to access Outlook and log in with your Avans email address. You will notice the Outlook tile.

Here is how you can get your email on your device using Outlook

Do you want to use Outlook to access your email and calendar? Download the newest version for free at for your MacBook or notebook. You can add your account to Outlook by clicking File -> Add account.

Here is how you can get your email on your smartphone

If you wish to manage your emails, schedule and calendar on your smart phone or tablet, then install the Outlook app (Android / iOS) and log in with your Avans email address.

You may notice the following

From now on, no new email will be delivered at your Gmail-account from Avans. This applies on all devices you use to read your email.

Your new email environment will look different compared with the Gmail environment, which may take some getting used to. Outlook 2016 also includes a number of useful functions such as the following:

  • If you want to add an attachment, you can quickly choose from a list of recently opened files.
  • You can tag or mention someone in an email by entering the @ symbol, after which a list of names will appear from which you can choose a name. If you select a name, this person will be automatically included in the recipients of the email.
  • You can access Avans’ university-wide address book, which contains contact information of both students and employees.
  • Outlook works closely with other parts of Office 365, which means that you can easily share a file that is stored in your OneDrive environment.


This instruction card explains how you can link your timetable to your Outlook calendar.

This is what will happen to your old emails

Your old emails will remain stored in your Gmail environment, but no new ones will be added. If you want to store your old emails in your new email environment, please proceed to We will then migrate your emails for you. This may take a while, so we will send you a message when everything has been migrated.

Free Office 365 licence and Office 2016 installation

Avans offers the option to install Office 2016 on your devices on Your license, which remains valid during your studies at Avans, allows you to install Office 2016 on up to 5 devices.


Naturally, you need a place to store your documents, so Avans offers you 1TB of storage space on OneDrive for this purpose. Visit to install the OneDrive app on your laptop or smartphone, so that you can easily access your files at all times.

What happens with Google Drive?

For now, nothing happens with your Google account, but no new email will be delivered at this account. You can use your Google Drive the same way you used it before. As important part of Office 365, OneDrive collaborates with Outlook and other components of Office 365, so we advise you to save your files on OneDrive.

If you have any questions

All information regarding using Office 365 at Avans can be accessed on

You can also contact the Student Information Desk,  +31 88-5258888 or the ICT Support desk.

Last updated on 25 January 2021.
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