Workshop Welcome Abroad-Cultural Awareness

23 May 2018 (12:30 hour - 15:00 hour) by Avans Flow

Remember a time when you went abroad and made some faux pas that caused amusement or dismay among local listeners? Knowing what exactly went wrong in this situation could help you understand cultural awareness. This workshop guides you to develop cultural awareness and agility to connect and communicate with others.

Course content

  • What is culture? What is intercultural communication, and why does it matter?
  •  Intercultural perception processes;
  •  Impact of culture on communication;
  •  Game on!


Through participating the workshop interactively, you will:

  •  Understand how cultural values influence attitude and behaviors;
  •  Be cultural sensitive: aware of your own cultural background and how others perceive you;
  •  Be cultural adaptive: learn to deal with differences in communication style;
  •  Deal with culture shock

Entry requirement

No scientific knowledge of this subject is demanded. The workshop is at the introductory level and aims to inspire you to further explore and develop your intercultural readiness being abroad. As the workshop is held in English, you are expected to bring a basic knowledge of English so as to be able to participate in discussion and simulations. ‘Perfect’ English, however, is by no means required.

Where and when 

's-Hertogenbosch, Onderwijsboulevard: Wednesday, May 23, 12.30-15.00

You can register for the workshop by completing the registration form

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