Student Support


Student Support

Student Support has moved. You can find us at

How can we help you?

Student Support is your first point of contact if you have questions about counselling, mentoring, development and well-being. You may need a face-to-face appointment with a student counsellor or confidential counsellor because you are having doubts about your choice of study programme or because you need help managing your stress levels or dealing with personal circumstances. Or you may require counselling because you have a functional impairment or are struggling with dyslexia.

You may want to find out everything there is to know about tuition fees, financial aid for studying, public transport and the student travel product, or re-enrolment. Or more information about other topics, including the Education and Examination Regulations and the Students’ Charter.

Are you looking for extracurricular activities? Would you like to join a student society, or find out about affordable sports options?

Go to Student Support for all of the above and more.

Last updated on 16 May 2023.