Paying tuition fees

Once you have enrolled for a study programme at Avans University of Applied Sciences or your re-enrolment has been arranged, you can pay your tuition fees. This is done by direct debit via Studielink.

Payment guide

Our PAYMENT GUIDE has an overview of the collection dates and a few fixed instalment amounts for tuition fees. The tuition fees may not be collected until you have been fully enrolled at Avans. If you select collection at once, the funds will also be withdrawn on one of these set dates following your full enrolment. View the rates and collection dates.

Digital pro-forma invoice for tuition fees

Once your (re-)enrolment has been fully completed, Avans will provide a pro-forma invoice on the ‘Overview’ tab of iAvans, under the header ‘Tuition Fees Invoice’. You can download and print this invoice for your own accounts or to claim the money back from your employer. This document cannot be provided by our accounts department. We recommend printing a copy each academic year. If you have any questions about the invoice, please contact the Student Information Desk. You can also call or drop by the location where you are studying. For all locations, you can call 088-525 7550.

Paying in instalments

You can pay the tuition fees at once or in 9 instalments. You can indicate this on the direct debit form. You will pay an administration fee for payment in instalments. This is a one-off amount of 24 euros that is collected with the first instalment. View the rates and collection dates.

Changing your IBAN (bank account number)

During the academic year, any changes to your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) can only be submitted by email. Always state your student ID number and the old and new IBAN with the associated account holder details. Once these details have been changed by Avans, collections will be made using the new account number. No collections can be made from a young person’s or savings account.

Last updated on 7 June 2016.